Account Management
ITAS handles Integrated Management of the Supply Value Chain from purchasing, production scheduling, material processing, storage, inventory management, traceability, transportation, marketing and distribution to the end user.
Core Trade Modules used to support Account Management include:


Inventory Management Module

Primarily used for managing the movement of bulk product from / to inventory units / inventory storage units with all movements integrated with Accounting.
Features of this Module include:
  • Inventory data is maintained as part of the TRADE record,
  • Intake of raw material product can be from a purchase trade (e.g. long term contract, spot receipt) and delivered against crop or other pre-financing,
  • Intake of raw material into warehouses, mill or other collection points, each with associated unique storage location identifiers,
  • Continues processing of intakes may occur,
  • Readings from weighbridges for collection of specific delivery information (e.g. driver, truck registration).


A Specialist Inventory Subsystem Module

Caters for a number of complex processing or other transformation of raw material products, including cleaning, packaging, and manufacturing to order following the intake of raw material into silos, tanks at terminal. This Subsystem Module has explicit functionality not available in the standard Inventory Management Module.


The Futures & Options Module

For organisations trading financial products (e.g. Futures, Foreign Exchange, Loans Deposits, Interest Rate Swaps, Bonds, Exchange or OTC Options), ITAS CTRM offers the complete trading functionality from inception to maturity of the trade. Where applicable, allocation of financial trades to physical trades and / or assignment to project or trading strategy is immediately available. The Futures & Options Module is a comprehensive commission house package.