ITAS Alerts and Notifications
Being aware of developments within your company’s data is fundamental to making timely decisions, in order to take advantage of opportunities or avoiding expensive penalties and fees. Alerts and Notifications are an integral part of the ITAS 8 family of ‘Extended Features’. Alerts are available in two types: Data Alerts and Operational Alerts.
Data Alerts are self-configurable. ITAS Administrators setup and amend alerts based on specific data changes (e.g. vessel assigned to a contract) or events (new client account created). These alerts are triggered by changes to the database and are important because changes to sensitive contracts can affect P&L and because vital operational or accounting activities may need to take place, for example, when a new contract, cost or client is created.
Operational Alerts are process driven and triggered by ITAS code. Availability to users is controlled by an ITAS Administrator who can switch each alert on or off. These alerts can be subscribed to by users and notify subscribers when important ITAS operational activities have completed or otherwise. Operational Alerts are constantly being added to and currently include: typical overnight reports and activities, services notifications, administration activities and workflow processes*.


Business Benefits

  • Changes in data are noted simply and in a timely fashion via email or desktop popup.
  • Several users can subscribe to the same alert to ensure that all relevant staff have access to this information without the need for further inter-staff communications.
  • Decision making can be driven by and based on, up-to-the-minute information.
  • Reduced chance of missing crucial deadlines or having important changes in data go unnoticed.
  • Desktop alerts are available offline and immediately visible when a user first logs on at the start of their day.


Problems Solved

  • Full visibility across contract and invoice datascape.
  • Accountability is ingrained in the ability to receive an alert.
  • Alerts can be the starting point for internal processes and workflow when combined with ITAS API.
  • Instant visibility when data points are changed.
  • Low maintenance for Administrators.
  • Users have control of the alerts they receive via personal filters.


How it works

Administrators enable alerts by linking one or more ITAS datapoints to each alert they create. Alerts are made visible to Users when the Administrator switches then on.
Users view the list of available alerts and subscribe to each either via email, desktop notification or both. Additionally Users can opt to include a ‘filter’ (by trading entity, counterparty, contract etc.) so they only receive the alerts they are interested in.
* Please note some Alerts are only available to ITAS Administrators and may not be available at all depending on the particular set up of your ITAS installation.
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