Coffee and Cocoa


Hivedome’s ITAS has comprehensively managed the supply value chain for many of our customers who farm, process, trade and manufacture Cocoa and/or Coffee.

While each crop has its own unique physical characteristics, uses and derivative products, Cocoa and Coffee generally share somewhat common processes within ITAS, ie; Bagged pricing, Shipment and warehouse tracking, warehouse warrants, selling from stock and back to back to name a few. The development of ITAS over the past 30 years into a fully integrated, functionally rich, robust system has benefited both sectors.

With Hivedome’s long standing client base the specific community developments for each sector have also been extensive, which include, Cocoa bean and product ratio, Out turn weights (averaging weight for invoice), the ability to link futures to physicals, a sampling inventory system to maintain/adjust price for Trading Company & Origin Company Samples and different formulas.

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