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Community Forum for ITAS Commodity Trading Platform

August 18, 2014 by Hivedome

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Hivedome are very excited to announce the release of a new Commodity Trading Community Forum now available at As part of the  introduction of ITAS 8.0, Hivedome’s next generation Commodity Trading platform,  we want to discuss ideas with our current clients and the entire trading community, for inclusion in the next generation ITAS platform.

itas community While talking to our customers about the future of ITAS, it became obvious that the community had strong ideas about our platform and how ITAS 8.0 could help to make life easier for everyone. What was also obvious was that as new ideas started to take shape, they also started to grow. From one suggestion several others sprang up, and from those other more complex scenarios quickly came about.

Hivedome are committed to the future development of ITAS and want our software to go from strength to strength supporting the Commodity Trading Industry. ITAS was ‘built by traders, for traders’ and it is important to us that the platform adds value to our clients every day needs. With this in mind, in the forum, you can easily:

Jason Thomas, Director of Hivedome said:

“I am very excited about the release of our community platform. We now have a direct link with our users who can communicate ideas directly with our development team at any time. The community can vote on each other’s ideas, give feedback on the current product and easily contact our support team.

It is our intention to  take popular ideas and turn them into real features and functionality in future versions of ITAS NG; and importantly, the Community Forum enable us to precisely measure how important each idea is across our client base and potential new customers too!

Over the past 30 years ITAS has evolved into a comprehensive and ’”end to end” commodity management software application. ITAS provides traders with a fully integrated solution to efficiently handle: trade capture, traffic operations, risk management and seamless accounting across the supply value chain, securing optimum time and cost efficiencies.

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