Hivedome Consultancy

Here at Hivedome we have a dedicated Consultancy team, the hub of which is in England but has employees based all around the globe, their vast experience in the commodities world and knowledge of ITAS is an invaluable front line support to cater for our clients needs.

Hivedome Consultancy team services include:

Business Analysis:

We recognize that a ‘one size fits all approach’ is not always feasible, to cater for our client’s needs, any requirements that a not met through existing ITAS functionality are identified during the initial Business Analysis which can be conducted on site.

Business process re-engineering:

Following a detailed systems analysis, we can offer some re-engineering of certain trading, operations, risk and accounting processes and workflows. The software can be either configured accordingly, or where necessary, customised to meet any specific requirements.


We provide full implementation support including software configuration, data mapping and migration services from legacy systems, developing interfaces from 3rd party business to business (B2B) or other ERP platforms

Project Management:

We can manage the entire implementation including initial business specification, unit and process testing, business analysis, and liaising with ITAS developers during any software development and testing projects prior to, and following, Go Live.

UAT Verification:

We can also implement User Acceptance Testing Verification, to ensure your business users are fully functional throughout their processes.

Template Design:

As part of the full integration of ITAS, automatic documentation creation may play a major part in your business, we offer a service to create these document templates for you.

Reporting Requirements:

We can provide assistance with any of your management or enterprise reporting requirements.