Contract Management

Hivedome’s ITAS CTRM is the leading software provider in the contract maintenance, administration, control and reporting of trades from quotation to final execution. Whether physical or financial products are traded, ITAS CTRM efficiently handles all steps from contract creation, open position recording, valuation and reporting.

ITAS’s Physicals Module can accommodate most trading scenarios. The use of in-built compulsory data fields ensures that the user follows logical contract workflows. Designed for minimum data entry, the integrated nature of ITAS CTRM ensures that once data is populated across the Physicals Module, it enables real-time contract administration, cash flow forecasting, costs analyses and profitability reporting.

Coupled with our integrated risk management approach, regulatory compliance and seamless accounting capability, the advanced contract management features within the Physicals Module are a showcase for the success of the ITAS CTRM Solution.

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