Over the last 10 years Hivedome have worked closely with our cotton expert clients to bring a fully integrated comprehensive and end to end solution to the cotton market and capture the nuances of cotton trade.

With ITAS we have a mature system that handles an extensive range of cotton processes seamlessly across the supply value chain.

Examples of these processes are:

  • Consignment contracts, formulas for premiums, discounts, haulage calculations and warehouse and storage costs
  • Standard and Smith Doxey certification.
  • US Market Specific Bale Based trading and Electronic Warehouse Receipts for the import and export of bale data
  • International Market Specific Lots base trading
  • Trading in equity and cash Cotton, Selling from stock and selling back to back and Bale selection and grouping accounting for different grades of cotton per trade.
  • Specialist Cotton Inventory Management, capturing cotton specific data, which processes include grouping, planning and sampling as well as an extensive range of reporting and enuiry tools, to find out more about Specialist Inventory, click here
  • Also another exceptional aspect to ITAS is the ability to link Futures to Physicals.

With many standard and intricate Cotton processes that ITAS has been developed for, we believe this solution will meet your business requirements.

To find out more about how ITAS can manage your supply value chain, securing optimum time and cost efficiencies, register your interest here..