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Coupling 3rd Party Systems into ITAS

June 26, 2015 by John Howard

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ITAS Events Engine Video SplashMany of Hivedome’s clients use ITAS as their core CTRM system and most also want to link ITAS to their other systems so that information and data can flow quickly and efficiently. This video shows how it’s done using the ITAS Web Services platform and the ITAS Events Engine.



The benefits of cross-application communications are huge, data can be updated automatically, system A can verify data on system B, systems can automatically inform other systems when data is updated, no need for manual intervention for everyday activities, a huge saving in processing time, a reduction in operational issues as well as in increase in cross-system data quality.

Until the release of the ITAS Web Services platform this was very difficult to achieve. Point to point communications were specific and complex. Both systems would need to negotiate exactly how the data would be transferred;there was no guarantee that messages had ever been sent or received and what the receiving system was going to do with the data once it had been received had to be built in. So while it was possible to deliver server to server communications, it was complex, brittle and expensive and time consuming to update.

ITAS Web Services and the ITAS Events Engine have been built to make cross server communications much simpler.

ITAS Events Engine – Designed to manage communication delivery. Once the message is sent to the event engine, it manages delivery. Because it is dedicated message deliver is fast and efficient. The Events Envgine even guarantees receipt and guarantees to deliver messages in the correct order. The Events Engine is highly re-usable because it is agnostic of the systems it interacts with.

ITAS Web Services Platform – an extendable collection of interfaces that enable 3rd party systems to read and write data directly to the ITAS database without having to interact with the User Interface. Each Web Service is powered by the same code that runs all ITAS Menu Items (e.g. TRADE, CLI, etc.) so you can be sure the business functionality you rely on is integral.

1aThe real power comes from combining these two systems. Imagine a scenario where ITAS and a 3rd party system, for example an ERP system, need to interact to keep contract data up to date:

  • ITAS can inform the ERP system that an update has been made by adding a message to the Events Engine.
  • The ERP system, or preferably, a separate business logic layer called a Wrapper, subscribes to messages of this type.
  • The message is delivered via the events engine, and when receipt has been confirmed, removed from the engine (thus guaranteeing delivery).
  • Now the ERP/Wrapper know about the update, it calls ITAS to check some peripheral data or calculate other values.
  • It then processes the data and/or updates the ERP system.
  • Finally, and optionally, it may choose to send an update to ITAS to inform it of any changes.


By separating out the functions of message delivery, business logic, decision making and system updates, the solution becomes simpler and re-usable and therefore delivers more value that traditional point-to-point solutions.


For more information on how the ITAS Events Engine and ITAS Web Services Platform can help you solve your cross-platform integration problems call us on +44(0)1702 433030.

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