Document Management

ITAS offers a flexible solution for electronic document storage and retrieval, which may be implemented as an integrated solution with other ITAS CTRM modules, or as a stand-alone product. It also includes the auto-entry of associated information from system-generated documents and allows document index search facilities in other modules.

Examples of ITAS Document Management features are:
  • Entry of searchable information that can be stored with each document.
  • Explorer style interface allows the organisation of folders and provides easy document access facilities.
  • Search feature enables users to identify and retrieve documents swiftly using the appropriate search criteria.
  • Index associated with each document can hold information on associated contracts, counterparties, WIP accounts, and commodities, which can be used as a filter to help users locate particular documents from various procedures in all modules.
  • Indexing is available for documents that have been scanned into the system.
  • Use of the email log which records time, recipient information each time an indexed document is emailed.
  • Optional service providing the ability to secure email messages including attachments to designated folders.