e-Accounting / e-Invoicing

One of the many exceptional integrated features of ITAS is Electronic Invoicing. There are several variations/processes to handle different country scenarios with their own methodology of access to Government systems.

The countries scenarios that ITAS currently processes include:


Mexico based ITAS entities need to send invoices electronically to the Mexican government and send and receive electronic invoices to and from counterparties.
The details are sent in xml format which is specified by the government.
Instead of being sent directly to a government website they are sent to a third party processor (PAC e.g. Diverza).


The Uruguayan Government require that large taxpayers send their on-shore invoices electronically. They must also be able to receive invoices electronically.
Electronic invoices (CFEs) are xml files in a format specified by the Uruguayan tax authority (DGI).
ITAS sends the CFEs to a DGI web service and also via email to the counterparty.


The Brazilian government requires that companies submit an electronic invoice nota fiscal eletrônica (NFe) and a freight document conhecimento do transporte eletrônico (CTe) for every goods movement.
The Nfe contains product, financial and tax information.
ITAS does not interact with the government system (Sefaz) directly, but goes through an intermediate system such as MasterSaf, sending, receiving and processing in the required XML and Pfd format.