Financial Reporting
Hivedome has developed ITAS for the global trading community dealing in physical and financial products. Single point of data entry allows minimum trade, operational and cost estimate information to be uniquely associated with any related subsequent accounting entry.
In addition to detail Profit and Loss reporting in the Inventory Management Module, the full integration of ITAS is highlighted once more with the use of the ITAS Financial Management Module. This module handles document entry, banking, cash and interest calculations, with accounting transactions seamlessly integrated across two primary ledgers, providing a rich depth to the reporting and analysis tools available, both from within the system and via external reporting applications. Principal ledgers include:
  • The General (or Nominal) Ledger employs full International and UK Accounting Standard rules for foreign currency transactions and operations.
  • The Client Ledger allows for extensive analysis of accounting entries, with detail or summary balances of both trade receivables and payables. Other receivable / payables are also reported within the Client Ledger. Reports are available by clients, country and region and are used in the principal counterparty risk report (CPRISK).
Hivedome can customise its Financial Management module to interface with many ERP or front end system already in use in your company.