Grains and Oilseed



The supply value chain for Grains and Oilseed has its specifics like any other commodity ITAS manages. With the knowledge of the Hivedome team working together with our Grains and Oilseed based clients over the last 20 years to build and develop the system, we have a mature solution that will cater for your business requirements


Some of the key Grains and Oilseed features within ITAS are:

  • Production & Industrial Production (production mgmt., processing scenarios, yields)
  • Quality Adjustments (scales of % of value, differing formulas for royalty adjustments)
  • Container management and charters
  • Origination
  • Freight differentials
  • Automatic charge for storage (Carry)
  • Storage system, electronic interfaces to bulk handling companies
  • Storage invoicing and accruing
  • Levies
  • Invoicing (EPR) End point royalties
  • Selling from stock and selling back to back
  • Distribution (import for processing, industrial production)

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