The History of ITAS

Evolution of ITAS


Since its inception in 1983, Hivedome has worked to develop robust, functionally rich CTRM software for globally traded physical and financial products, creating efficient tools for handling all aspects of the Supply Value Chain.

1980s – ITAS VMS

The initial version of ITAS was based on the VMA operating and written in Basic or D.Basic Business logic. ITAS Applications developed for the VMS operating system were traditionally developed around screens of ‘tabbable’ data entry points capable of being navigated by means of the Tab. This focused method allowed for predictable data entry and a simple process to educate users. from a management perspective, this method of data entry ensured high levels of data integrity as the process could not be deviated from by any user. An example of a traditional VMS screen entry is shown below

itas vms













2000s – ITAS 7 (Heritage)

ITAS VMS was replaced in 1977 by ITAS for Windows, which was also known as ITAS for NT or ITAS 1.0. Written mainly in Visual Basic 6 (VB6), ITAS 7 has a large and diverse user-base. However, despite the obvious benefits and features of the new ITAS 7 version (colour screens, icons, graphics and most significantly, navigation on an ITAS screen via a mouse), such was the trust in ITAS VMS that clients were initially slow to move to the new features of a Windows based screen. The transition to the Windows format offered Hivedome the opportunity to introduce new and innovative functionalities in ITAS. With the programming constraints of VB6, the existing high bespoke development platform, coupled with the need to introduce a more modern look and adopt new technology, Hivedome embarked on a significant development project in 2013 to transition ITAS 7 to the current major release, ITAS 8 and Extended Features.
With the move to a Windows based offering this opened up a whole new way of working for our customers and for our developers opened up a whole world of possibilities as far as developing and introducing new and innovative functionalities was concerned.


ITAS7 new














In development since mid-2013, Hivedomes strategy was to deliver new component to enhance the exisiting ‘Heritage’ ITAS 7 which would sit alongside the existing ITAS 7 core functionality.
Our latest version, ITAS 8 offers a new framework of Services, a new Trader Desktop as a replacement of the traditional Navigator function, and three innovative, value enhancing, Extended Features Modules to provide increased connectivity between workflows, processes and user interfaces, as well as new methods for data entry and retrieval.
The Extended Features Modules include Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), Alerts and Notifications and dedicated a Reporting Database.
Integration of ITAS 8 CTRM with 3rd party and/or Group Systems or ERP
System integration from the ITAS CTRM is core to the strategic decisions by Hivedome in 2013 to deliver new tools to enhance the existing ITAS 7 solution. Other key client requirements identified included
(i)    improved governance for management and control of data and processes,
(ii)   scalability to meet requirements of a wider audience and
(iii)  usability or simplification of complex data entry and retrieval processes.
Coupled with its strategic move to provide new components to sit alongside ITAS 8 core functionality, Extended Features and Events Engine is now heavily used by clients to cover the majority of client scenarios, without implementing a full Enterprise Service Bus