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Hivedome Featured in Harrington Starr’s FinTech Capital

April 27, 2015 by Hivedome

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FintechCapitalThe fifth edition of Harrington Starr’s FinTech Capital magazine was published last week and this edition features an article by Hivedome’s very own Jason Thomas. 

In the article Jason writes about how emerging markets are influencing global CTRM solutions.

“We are starting to see the growth and influence of smaller trading companies in emerging markets who are leading more of a ‘revolution’ than evolution.”
Jason Thomas, Hivedome.

Hivedome’s CTRM solution ITAS has evolved over 30 years with some of the major commodities trading companies having direct input into the features and functionality embedded into the software. As Jason points out this is also good for traders in emerging markets who want a mature system. However smaller, less established players have their own set of needs and are faced with a different set of challenges based around their faster time to market requirements and the unique constraints of being, for all intents and purposes, a start-up.

Jason’s article also gives us 5 interesting facts about coffee and 2 surprising cotton related facts.

To read the full article just download a copy from Harrington Starr’s website and scroll to page 104.


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