Industries Overview

The very nature of Hivedome’s ITAS development means our customizable modular solution is commodity agnostic. With up to three decades experience managing the supply value chain for Cocoa, Coffee, Sugar, Cotton, Grains and Oilseed and a whole host of other commodities (see an extensive list below). A number of our clients have branched out to manage new commodities using ITAS by development requests or utilizing our unique community development approach.

Examples of Soft and Agricultural commodities managed in ITAS:

Sugar, Coffee, Cocoa,
Cotton, Grains, Nuts,
Spices, Animal Feed, Soya Bean,
Wheat, Dried Fruits, Oats,
Rape, Rice, Corn,
Orange Juice, Crude Coconut.

Examples of Metal and Mineral commodities managed by ITAS:

Iron Ore, Steel, Copper,
Aluminum, Silver, Zinc,
Gold, Lead, Tin,

Examples of Liquid commodities managed in ITAS:

Mollasses, Rubber, Latex
Alcohol, Ethanol, Soya Oil
Palm Oil, Cotton Seed Oil, Heating Oil
Gas Oil, Unleaded Gasoline

ITAS has also been developed for companies dealing specifically in Financial Instruments including:

Futures, Options, Foreign Exchange,
Loans & Deposits, Contract for Differences,
Bonds, Equities, Interest Rate Swaps

Single point of entry allows minimum trade, operational and cost estimate information to be uniquely associated with any related subsequent accounting entry. This provides a rich depth to the reporting and analysis tools available, both from within the system and via external reporting applications.