Inventory Management

ITAS Inventory Management is a robust, functionally rich module, packed with customisable features to help manage the supply value chain, key features of the Inventory Management Module include:

Material Processing

Inventory unit conversion factors can be incorporated into system for automatic calculations of volumes or units.

Inventory Management 

Inventory management includes flexible packaging units (bags, pallets, tonnage, etc.) and tracking of physical inventory gain or loss (e.g. yield percentages) from intake through different processing stages.

Raw Material Traceability 

Tracking IDs allow products to be traced all the way back to raw materials ensuring full compliance with EU regulatory and reporting requirements.

Electronic Data Interfaces for Measurement Devices 

Electronic data interfaces for weighbridges, tanks, flow meters etc.


Comprehensive warehouse reporting flexibility for sale trade call-offs on allocation of inventory, cost control, automated regulatory declarations, quality control analysis and general data storage / retrieval capability.


Extensive sampling features to record analysis of samples taken prior to delivery for testing and results issued to prospective end customers.


ITAS Inventory Management features accommodate the initial storage at the mill, silos or tanks at terminal, or other collection points, each with associated unique storage location identifiers, it is primarily used for the:
  • Intake of raw material product into warehouse from a purchase trade (long term contract, spot receipt) against crop or other pre-financing.
  • Continuous processing of intakes.
  • Readings from weighbridges.
  • Collection of specific delivery information (e.g. driver, truck registration, field location, estimated or loaded weight).


ITAS also features a Specialist Inventory Subsystems Module which caters for a number of complex processing of raw material products, with explicit functionality not available in any other ‘standard Inventory Management tools.