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ITAS API (Web Services v2)

May 6, 2016 by Hivedome

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As previously mentioned in the ITAS Release 8.6.0 news article, ‘ITAS API’ is the new name for our Web Services v2 feature

(The current Web Services v1 will continue to be supported until all functionality has been moved to ITAS API)

The overall purpose of the ITAS API is to provide external access to the ITAS data and business functionality. The API endpoints provide a point of contact to create a layer which external systems can access. The API was built as a re-usable set of objects for both point-to-point communication between systems (i.e. no human intervention) and new user interfaces (e.g. web pages, mobile apps and so on) built either by Hivedome or by clients.

The migration from Web Services v1 to ITAS API (Web Services v2) materialized from feedback of developers (internal and external) suggesting the requirements went further than contract definitions.  Requests for code snippets in different languages, data (structure), object definitions, mock data examples and so on were requested.

After investigation we have now adopted a commonly used Web Service tool known as APIARY, an online API developers resource that allows all of the above. It provides a pseudocode that allows the API endpoints to be described to the extent that they can dynamically be mocked up quickly in any language. Being online this provides the client with a one stop shop for documentation and investigation without writing a line of code.


Please see below for a list of endpoints which were released as part of ITAS 8.6.0, these endpoints lay the foundation for the future of ITAS Application Programming Interface.  This set of endpoints will grow with each ITAS release.

New Endpoint NameSectionGETPOSTPUT
List Client AccountClient Ref DataX
Client Account DetailsClient Ref DataXXX
List Client TypesClient Ref DataX
List Nominal Ledger AccountsNominal Ref DataX
Nominal Ledger DetailsNominal Ref DataXX
List CountriesGlobal Ref DataX
List CurrenciesGlobal Ref DataX
List Payment TermsPhysical Ref DataX
List PortsPhysical Ref DataX
List VesselsPhysical Ref DataX
Authorisation and System Health checkSystemX
List UserUser AuthorisationX
User DetailsUser AuthorisationX

Delivering v2 has also seen the introduction of a new security package using the OWIN open source specification and Katana components built and released by Microsoft.  This is highly secure and will enable Role based authentication.


For more information or if you have any questions about ITAS API, please call your representative or contact us


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