The ITAS API (application programming interface) is an integral part of the ITAS 8 family of ‘Extended Features’ and enables ITAS to ‘talk’ to 3rd party enterprise systems such as Risk, Financial, Sales and CRM. Designed using the Microsoft .NET platform, the overall purpose of the ITAS API is to provide external access to the ITAS data and business functionality. Using a series of continually growing endpoints, the ITAS API layer provides a point of contact to create a data layer which external systems can access. As a result, APIs enable systems to seamlessly transfer data and functions without the need for human intervention, expose read and write access of client data and enable other applications to externally use ITAS functions, such as complex calculations, ERP and other 3rd party systems, risk applications and reporting tools are popular candidates for integrating ITAS via ITAS API.


Business Benefit

  • Inter-application data transfer reduces the need for user intervention.
  • Exposes ITAS functions such as Contract Valuation, F&O Generation and Invoice Processing to other systems.
  • ITAS messaging system can send messages to external applications following ITAS events, e.g. Invoice Authorised, Contract Created, Cost Added etc.
  • Enables system-to-system data processing thus reducing the possibility of user error.
  • Scalability and reusability – once installed, ITAS API can be used by all your systems under our Extended Features Licence agreement.
  • Custom web pages and phone apps can be built on top of ITAS API for consumption by users inside and outside your network.
  • Reduce user error by exposing only the ITAS fields the user needs access to via customised web interfaces.
  • Increased self-sufficiency – build your own websites and apps on top of ITAS API


Problems Solved

  • Enterprise level access for external applications – e.g. link your external ERP to ITAS.
  • No need to be ‘in the office’ to access ITAS – view and edit ITAS data on your phone and tablet.
  • Develop own ITAS applications – e.g. build a Costs interface for your team to quickly add contract costs.
  • As ITAS API allows access to most ITAS functional components, users will not be restricted to desktop access.
  • Full documentation on ITAS API exists on APIARY, an online API developers resource.


Client Benefit

Several recent examples across various client commodity platforms where ITAS has been successfully integrated with other external systems have included (i) straight though processing of F&O trades cia an ITAS API from the clients future trading system, (ii) integration of an external Cotton EWR import process, (iii) cash settlement requests and backflow of settlement details including matching to the original invoice, (iv) export accounting data to SAP and backflow of cash and (v) export of TRADE information to SAP and backflow of deliveries. Another client is currently seeking to create a mobile enabled website to capture the fundamentals of a physical trade entered in ITAS in remote locations.
Using ITAS API, clients were able to accomplish their goals efficiently, effectively and within budget, achieving faster processing, eradication of user input related data issues and delivering a robust solution for their business. As a result, the new premium ITAS API functionality is enabling Hivedome clients to offer new services in emerging markets, quickly and efficiently driving an improvement in their marketability and competitiveness.


The Future

ITAS API is an essential part of future development at Hivedome. Further ITAS features such as Risk Management will be exposed in order to expand the range of ITAS functionality available to our client’s enterprise level applications.


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