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ITAS Release 8.5.1

February 26, 2016 by Hivedome

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Following the release of ITAS 8.5.1, the below additional features and enhancements are available:



  • New Wrapper Mechanism


  • Release of Desktop Alerts

‘Alert History’ added to Alerts

Step forward in Alerts with ITAS Events Engine

Major overhaul in the architecture of the ITAS Alerting System  

Increased usability of the new Alerting Feature

3 new alerts added to the ‘Overnight Reports’ alert group

New type of custom alert ‘New Item Alert’

Updates to operational alerts

User Filters added


  • Release of Float Panel

New ‘History Tab’ added

Functionality Tab now groups the ITAS entities into 1 of 4 groups

Additional functionality added to the Float Panel, now renamed ‘Smart Panel’

New ‘Postings Tab’ added

Updates to History open item behavior

Entity ID is now showing on the Smart Panel and the Smart Panel History

Added Entity ID to the Smart Panel Windows tab


  • Reports Admin ability to control exports to the reporting database via the Trader Desktop

New Reporting database feature ‘Individual Trading Entities Export Schedular’


  • New Trader Desktop ‘Flyout’ menu feature 


  • ITAS now compatible with the Windows Snap feature


  • ITAS can now be pinned to the Windows Task Bar


  • ITAS icon now appears in System Tray


  • Toast Alerts introduced

New icons added to Toast Alerts


  • New Web bases ITAS user interface in BETA


  • Additions to Web Services

New Features GET Phys01 Detail, CREATE User Filter, GET User Filter and DELETE User Filter

New Services for, ValuationAPI, /trade, EventAPI and Contract Value

Improved performance in Eventing System from max 200k concurrent messages to 2M to 4M concurrent messages (depending on specification and usage of server)

New ConVal queries

New Homepage

New Service, GET/trade/physical – Returns contracts

New Service, PUT/trade/physical/contract/[trading entity]/[header contract ref]/split – Generates a split based on the header

New Service, GET/trade/physical/contract/[trading entity]/[contract ref]/split – Retrieves a split


  • Two new stubbed Web Access pages for MTM and Trade Call of Features

New Service, ConVal Manage Queries page


If you have any questions about ITAS 8, please call your representative or contact us


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