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ITAS Release 8.5.2

March 2, 2016 by Hivedome

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Following the release of ITAS 8.5.2, the below additional features and enhancements are available:


Trader Desktop New Features:

  • Reporting Exports Admin Screens:

Auto Data Export Screen

Manual Data Export Screen

Todays Export Activity Screen

Export History Screen


Trader Desktop New Services:

  • Add Weighbridge Service to System Settings > Services

  • Show NG services using initialised date in users chosen format


Updates to Existing Trader Desktop Features:

  • Alerts User preference update

  • User Filters added to Heritage Alerts

  • New screen for Operational Alerts

  • Self managing Alert History


ITAS Web New Features:

  • New Web front ends for the following features

CLI look up: GET finance/client/{tradingEntity}/{accountCode}

CLI create: PUT finance/client/{tradingEntity}/{partCode}

CLI edit: POST finance/client/{tradingEntity}


Updates to Existing Web Services:

  • Add ITAS Error Codes to endpoint responses

  • Add useful descriptions to endpoint help site

  • Moved PUT finance/client/{tradingEntity} to PUT finance/client/{tradingEntity}/{partCode}

  • PUT finance/client/{tradingEntity}/{partCode} where partcode has max 8 characters.

  • Updates to POST finance/client/[tradingentity]

  • Include ExternalAccountReference in CLI endpoints

  • Change Code to AccountCode in POST finance/client/{tradingEntity}

  • Ensure UPDATE adds blank values rather than NULLs

  • Adding Descriptions to all current web services

  • Added ITAS Specific error codes to all Web Service responses


If you have any questions about ITAS 8, please call your representative or contact us

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