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ITAS Release 8.6.14

February 17, 2017 by Hivedome

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Following the release of ITAS 8.6.14, the below additional features and enhancements are available:


Trader Desktop New Features:

  • Home Page Tiles remain in the your selected position across sessions.

  • Keyboard Shortcuts: Wherever you are in ITAS you can easily navigate using Keyboard Shortcuts, all of the Main Menu and Settings Menu options are available via shortcuts, go from your Smart Panel to Alerts to Web Services in a matter of seconds. We have also added some Special Functions to make accessing regularly used aspects of ITAS like TRADE and CLIENT quick and easy.

  • Access Permissions of the Codes screen on a user by user basis.

  • Codes Access Page: New button added to ‘Copy rights to other screens’

Updates to Existing Services

  • Custom ITAS Trader Desktop message box now replaces standard system message box.

  • Applications synchronised to date format in User Preferences.

  • New Trading Entities are allocated an unused colour.

  • When ITAS has run out of colours to allocate Trading Entities, an error message is sent.

  • Codes Form Edit Mode – new dropdown menus

  • Codes Screen now displays paging, choose between 25, 50 or 100 items per page.

  • Codes Cell first level validation (max cell length) and second level validation (business rules) implemented.


Alerts and Notifications:

  • A significant new addition is the ability to add external email addresses to alerts so that no ITAS users can receive email Alerts.

New Preconfigured Alerts:

  • Pre-Payment Requests Created: New Pre-Payment Request has been generated.

  • Pre-Payment Request Amended: Details of a Pre-Payment Request have been changed.

  • Pre-Payment Request Deleted: Pre-Payment Request has been deleted.

  • Call Off Created: Alert when a Physical Contract (Call Off) is created.

  • MEP Process Completed: Triggered by MEP process being activated.

  • Accounting Document Posted: An Account Document has been authorised and subsequently posted.

  • Accounting Document Created: An Account Document has been created and not authorised for posting.

  • FX Month End Rates Secured: FX Month End rates have been established.

  • MEPACT Request Triggered: MEPACT has been requested or reset.

  • BRC Barrier Breach: Bonus Re-pricing Contract Barrier Breached when comparing BRC Barrier to market price therefore rebate is included in price.

  • PnL Job Status: Alerts 3rd parties when PnL jobs have Pending, Completed or Failed.

  • PnL Dashboard Status: Enables PnL Dashboard to receive alerts when fresh data is available.

  • eInvoicing Process Request: Used by the eInvoicing data flow to initiate the process (only for client with eInvoicing).

  • eInvoicing Process Update: Used to send the status update back to Heritage (Only for clients with eInvoicing).

Updates to Existing Features:

  • On the Alert filter screen, filters are now divided with the entity name when a data change alert is associated with columns associated with more than one entity, e.g. Contract-Department and Client-Department.

  • Contract Created: Physical Contract Created, now enabled as a User filter Alert.

  • Contract Split: Physical Contract has been split or tranched, now enabled as a User filter Alert.

  • Contract Cancelled: TRADE Cancellation process triggered, now enabled as a User filter Alert.

  • Contract Amended: Physical Contract amended (nominated fields), now enabled as a User filter Alert.

  • New Alert screen: Alert description has been moved to the bottom for flow of entry.

  • Alert Window now displays the full composite entity ID on hover.



Following the improvements made to ITAS API with how it interacts with the database, we have carried out extended tests and are pleased to announce:

  • Memory usage has decreased by more than half (56%).

  • The time taken per call and memory increase per call is dependent on the size of the call so making calls as efficient as possible will reduce the rate over time.

  • Memory is being disposed using the most efficient memory management techniques.

ITAS API New Services:

  • PUT – Create/Update Master Data: Function to link Client Accounts and Ports created using a Master Trading Entity ID to single or multiple other Trading Entities, giving the ability to group data on a second tier Trading Entity.

  • GET – Read Master Data: Receive Trading Entities which are linked to the Master Trading Entity of a certain Client Account or Port.

  • GET – Transaction Bank Accounts: Bank account details of transactions representing invoices.

  • GET – Instrument List: Instrument Code details.

  • POST – Create F&O Trade: Allows Futures and Options Trade to be created.

  • GET – F&O Trade List: List of Futures and Options Trades.

  • GET – Read F&O Trade: Futures and Options Trade details.

  • GET – Read Physical Trade Valuation: Valuation of a Single Trade.

  • GET – List Physical Trades Latest Valuation: List of Physical Trades Latest Valuation from exported data

  • GET – List Physical Trades Latest Valuation Summary: Summary List of Physical Trades Latest Valuations from exported data

  • GET – List Document Statuses: Document Statuses.

  • GET – Read Transaction Header: Document information including properties specific to integration requirements.

  • PATCH – Delta Update Stock Movement: Update information relating to the processing of the Order, where the field ‘ReleaseId’ is the only required field.

  • GET – List Transactions Matched: Returns a list of matched client (posted) transactions associated with the document provided.

  • PUT – Remove Match: Request the removal of a specific Match Flag.

  • POST – Create Reverse Cash Document: Request a cash (accounting) document be fully reversed.

  • GET – List Physical Trade Pre-Payment Requests: List of Pre-Payment Requests made against Physical Contracts.

  • GET – Read Physical Trade Pre-Payment Request Details: Details of a Pre-Payment Request made against a Physical Contract.

  • POST – Create PayableOnAccount: Create part/full cash payments against existing Pre-Payment requests (invoices)

  • POST – Create ReceivableOnAccount: Create part/full cash receipts against existing Pre-Payment requests (invoices)

Updates to Existing Services:

  • GET – Read Posted Transaction: Additional property ‘VATTurnover’ now included.

  • GET – Read UnPosted Transaction: Additional property ‘VATTurnover’ now included.

  • GET – List Transaction Headers: Additional property DocumentStatusCode now included in the List.

  • PUT – Update Transaction Header: Additional property DocumentStatusCode now included in the body.

  • PATCH – Delta Update Transaction Header: Additional property DocumentStatusCode now included in the body.

  • GET – List Physical Trades: Additional properties PortOfOriginCode and PortOfDestinationCode now included in the List.

  • GET – Read Physical Trade: Additional properties PortOfOrigin and PortOfDestination now included in the Read.


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