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ITAS Release 8.6.5

August 19, 2016 by Hivedome

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Following the release of ITAS 8.6.5, the below additional features and enhancements are available:


Trader Desktop New Features:

  • Added new ‘Links’ module in main menu

  • New release Smail Tile image


Updates to Existing Features:

  • Improved Start-up Time

  • Changed Help Button to Help Menu

  • Trader Desktop and Trading Entity images added to User Preferences

  • Beta Keyboard Shortcuts. More details to follow.



Since the release of ITAS 8.6.0, we have been working hard to build on the foundation already layed for ITAS API, the list of endpoints we now offer has significantly grown, for a full list of new and updated endpoints please click here


Alerts & Notifications, New Preconfigured Alerts:

  • Contract Created – Physical contract created.

  • Contract Split – Physical contract has been split or tranched.

  • Contract Canceled – Trade cancelation process triggered.

  • Accounting Document Create and Posted – Alerts middleware when new accounting document is created and posted to ledgers.

  • Unauthorised Accounting Document Cretaed – Alerts middleware when new accounting document is created that has not been authorised.

  • Trader Desktop Alert Redirection – Alerts middleware when data/operational alert is triggered.

  • Manual Price Updates Detected – Used to notify admins that manual updates have been applied to market prices.


Updates to Existing Features

  • Entity ID and TEID added to alert title

  • When Alert is created, the status is Off, which will allow Admin to switch alert on when required.

  • Admin can now delete Alert even if filter exists.


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