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ITAS Release 8.7.1 (ITAS 8 DocMan)

April 19, 2017 by Hivedome

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Following the release of ITAS 8.7.1, the below additional features and enhancements are available:


Trader Desktop New Features:

  • A Significant new addition in this release is ITAS 8 DocMan, an updated version of DocMan, with the same advanced flexible and secure solution to document storage, but now listing all documents and enabling the user to easily identify the document they want. Information that is stored with each document can be filtered, this includes Contract IDs, Trading Entities, Commodity Codes, Vessel names, Container IDs, WIP and Client References, Document References, Document Types and Names.

ITAS 8 DocMan features also include the ability to:

•  Upload and Index multiple documents via the Smart Panel > DOCMAN tab

DocMan Smart Panel

•  Automated Document Indexing, when documents adhere to the necessary mandatory fields (as per configuration) they are automatically processed and indexed in the correct location.

•  Any files that do not meet the auto index criteria will appear in the Unindexed Documents screen, these can be amended by the user to meet the necessary mandatory fields to be indexed by the sibling auto indexing service.

DocMan Unindexed 2

•  Sibling Auto Indexing service runs every 10 seconds (configurable), which does not affect currency auto indexing.

•  Company Documents, where you can Customise your index columns and filters then save your set ups.

DocMan Company Docs

•  Email list of Documents.

•  Updated Personal Documents Screen

DocMan Personal Doc



  • New Entity Support. An entity is something that can be added as a personal tile, is included in a new item alert or an alert filter and can show up in the Smart Panel History.

    • Current Entities: Physical Trade, Client Account, WIP, Posted Transaction.

    • Updated Entities: FX Deal (was Treasury)

    • New Entities: Letter of Credit, Vessel, Loans & Deposits, Nominal Account.

    • Also available in history and alerts but not as a personal tile: F&O Trade, Unposted Transaction, Pre-Payment Requests.

  • A Screen in System Settings for Admin Users to indicate if a Trading Entity has Audit Triggers enabled or disabled.


Updates to Existing Features

  • Windows Server Support

Issues addressed:

•  Trading Entity Screen contract on fields

•  Text on message not wrapping

•  Trading Entity dropdown list styling

•  Smart Panel sub menu gradient

•  Smart Panel Documents tab missing


  • Personal regional settings updated for foreign locales where comma is used as a decimal.


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