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ITAS Release 8.8.0 (Trader Desktop MDI)

November 28, 2017 by Hivedome

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Following the release of ITAS 8.8.0, the below additional features and enhancements are available:


Trader Desktop New Features:

  • This release brings a great new feature and step forward for ITAS interaction, with Trader Desktop Multiple Document Interface (MDI). Easily track your workflow, monitor various processes or compare reports and result sets, set your screen up to suit your business needs.

Choose multiple Trader Desktop functions to create multiple tabs along the window menu bar


Create you own unique Trader Desktop layout by docking the tabs in your preferred position and adjusted dimensions


  • Certificate Administrators Interface – This new feature gives administrators the ability to manage the list of certificate roles of ITAS users by adding, updating and deleting.
    • Add a certificate by browsing the file system or network for a certificate file to upload, which can be password protected.
    • Update the certificate by re-uploading the raw data, change the password or rename the certificate.
    • Delete certificates that are not assigned to a certificate role or user.


  • Star Data Grids*, gives you the ability to view your reporting star data in a configurable way, with great flexibility and features which include.
    • Configurable layouts allow you to compare data in different grids.
    • Search facility enabling you to quickly locate specific data or groups.
    • Add/remove columns or re order columns using drag and drop.
    • Apply data filters and save them for repeated use.
    • Save data and export to external recipients in a range of formats.

(*Only available to clients with the reporting database installed)

  • ITAS 8 Docman updates
    • Archived Documents screen now available.
    • Cancel and Add File buttons now added to the Add Documents screen.
    • Refresh button added to the Personal Documents screen.


  • Busy Loading Indicator now appears on:
    • Tiles for applications
    • Smart Panel Current Tab
    • Trading Entity screen
    • Help Window, when selected now is instantly in focus and displays indicator while loading content.


  • New User Videos – there are several new animations showing how to get the best from ITAS 8, and guides on ITAS 8 Docman, Alerts & Notifications and ITAS 8 Data Grids, accessible via the ‘User Videos’ tile on Trader Desktop.


  • ITAS API – New Services
    • PUT – Authorise for Posting: Mark a non-cash document as Authorised to be posted.
    • GET – Additional Invoicing Details List: List of Details associated with external use of Invoices.
    • PATCH – Additional Invoicing Details: Update Details associated with external use of Invoices.
    • GET – Transaction Physical Trade: Details relevant to a physical trade referenced on Posted and Unposted Transaction endpoints, with an emphasis on data useful for external consumers of accounting transactions.
    • GET – Client Bank Account: Bank Accounts associated with Client.
    • GET – Business Sector List: List of Market Sectors in Physical Trade.
    • GET – Reporting Group List: List of Reporting Group values in both Physical and Commodity.
    • PATCH – Charter: Update Charter finance information.
    • GET – VAT Rate: Read codes applied as part of any VAT/GST accounting practice.
    • GET – Commodity: Read Commodity/Product codes information, used to identify goods.
    • GET – CommodityFullCode: Read Commodity/Product codes information by CommodityFullCode, used to identify goods.
    • PATCH – Stock Batch: Update Stock Batch information.


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