Management Reporting

ITAS CTRM offers powerful dynamic, multi-level, business reporting and analytical tools with drill down capability across all modules, with unique modules having their own standard reports, customisable with the built-in report writer.

Examples of ITAS Management Reporting features are:
  • Pre-defined standard reports in each module e.g. drilldown on the Trading Position Report to analyse composition of each position number with further drill-down to the contract details with just one more mouse click.
  • All system-generated reports can be displayed onscreen, instantly printed, attached to an email, or exported to MS Excel or MS Word.
  • Use of a filter feature to allow any information to be presented precisely according to the user’s requirements including the extraction of only relevant information.
  • The Super Enquiry Report is designed to view summarized information of any of the accounting ledgers or the trading database.
  • Apart from extensive filter and drill-down features, the user has the additional option to change the report layout by selecting the relevant columns and rows from the master table.
  • The built-in Report Writer allows users to design any individual report according to their own specifications.
ITAS CTRM has extensive Trading Profit and Loss and Position Reporting supporting the Company Trading environment i.e. does not use fiscal records, except for comparison purposes. Whether from the current or frozen databases, examples of key reports include:
Position ReportPhysicals, Inventory, Futures and Options by Category and Department rows with period/month columns. Various styles are available including IFRS Asset Position ( commodities due for processing by their expected outturns and yields)
P&LPhysicals, Inventory, Futures and Options, FX, Revalued transactions (Reval Tx), Pre Payment Interest and Storage. The report is sectioned by Category/Department with fixed columns for Change in P&L on realized contracts, M2M of open positions (prior and current year) and trades realized in current year.
Daily P&L MovementMovement between day end positions by comparing the results of the P&L on various databases
Estimates Vs ActualsUses invoice marking to compare TRADE estimates with their final invoice values.
Stock Summary ReportShows current stick levels in PROMAN, together with outstanding Purchase and Sale Call-offs and incomplete Deliveries-out
Valuation ReportShows M2M of open Physicals with options to include Futures and FX
Inter Company ReconciliationHighlights differences between inter-company contracts in the different companies (quantities, fixing, status, BL dates).
Cash Usage/FlowCombines unpaid invoices and un-invoiced TRADE data to predict cash flow.