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New Features for ITAS 8.x

August 29, 2014 by John Howard

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ITAS logo2014 at Hivedome has been exciting and productive so far. As well as continuing to develop the Heritage system, ITAS 8.0 has been created, officially released and installed at client sites. Great feedback has been received on the new features including Trader Desktop, ITAS Alerts and the Enterprise Reporting Database. As August is drawing to a close and with autumn just around the corner, our focus is turning to the features and functionality we will be working on for the remainder of the year.

Though we do have a backlog of potential new features and interesting ideas we are always looking to add more and deliver value to our clients. Some ideas are no-brainers like enhancements to Alerts and adding new areas to the Reporting Database while other ideas are less well defined. So before the backlog is prioritised we are looking to the Trading Community to discuss the features they would like to see in future versions of ITAS. Which features would add the most value to our client’s way of working and what problems can we help solve?

How to suggest new features?

There are several ways to discuss potential ideas with us:

  1. Add an idea to our Trading Community Portal at Just follow the link then click on I have an idea for ITAS…  adding new ideas will enable the community to vote on each of them and ideas with the most support will be added to the backlog.
  2. If you prefer personal contact just email us directly at
  3. Alternatively just add your thoughts and ideas as a reply to this news post. we will reply to you personally and maybe post your idea in the community portal too.

All thoughts and ideas are valid and useful, no thought is too big or too small! So if you are an ITAS user and have always thought “If only ITAS could…” tell us and who knows, your idea could be included in a future release of ITAS 8!

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