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New Reporting Exports Administration Screens

March 4, 2016 by Hivedome

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As more and more of our clients are using the great look and feel of ITAS 8, we are constantly evolving the system like we have always done since the start of ITAS.

One of the new features we are excited to show is the Reporting Exports Administrations Screens

Until now the export schedule, which extracts data from the Heritage tables and sends it to the Reporting Database, had to be set up as a background job. In this release, new screens have been introduced which will enable Admins to:


  • Set automated exports for one or more Trading Entities over one or more days per week at specified times


  • Create manual exports for one or more Trading Entities that will be kicked off immediately


  • View all the exports in the Today’s Export Activity screen for the current day including their status

– This screen updates in real time, you can kick off a manual export and watch it move from pending to in progress to complete or fail.  This ‘state progression’ feature also works for automatic exports that are set to run that day.

– Exports that are created together will be grouped together in the Export screen, enabling Report Administrators to name the groups. If a name is not given, the name will default to the list of Trading Entity codes.

– You can edit and delete schedules directly from this screen.

– To Edit a group just select those trading entities and create an new release schedule.

– A status of ‘Created’ will show when schedules have been created but the server has not had time to acknowledge them.






  • A History screen for all complete/failed exports.

– Completed exports in both screens show when they were run, by who (manual only), state and the elapsed time.

– Displays a Job ID for all schedules to aid issue resolution if the job does not appear to run








We think these screens are an important and valued addition to ITAS  8 and hope you like and utilize them.


If you have any suggestions for new features

There are several ways to discuss potential ideas with us:

  1. Add an idea to our Trading Community Portal at Just follow the link then click on I have an idea for ITAS…  adding new ideas will enable the community to vote on each of them and ideas with the most support will be added to the backlog.
  2. If you prefer personal contact just email us directly at
  3. Alternatively just add your thoughts and ideas as a reply to this news post. we will reply to you personally and maybe post your idea in the community portal too.


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