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Hivedome believe in building solid relationships with organisations that will help deliver quality, cost-effective business solutions for any of our global clients.
BJSS is an award-winning delivery-focused IT, business consultancy and has worked together with Hivedome since 2013, jointly supporting a mission-critical system for a multinational commodities trader.
BJSS and Hivedome signed a new strategic collaboration agreement in October 2016 which will see BJSS support Hivedome with the delivery of a modernisation roadmap including the migration of its flagship product – ITAS – to a SaaS model in the Cloud, as well as providing new value-added services to support Hivedomes ever-increasing client base. 
BJSS is a trusted delivery partner for a number of its commodity clients, with engagements covering the implementation of bespoke Trade Capture, Operations, Pricing, Position and Integration management solutions. BJSS ITAS integration services are available to Hivedome clients either via direct engagements or subcontracted by Hivedome.