The ITAS CTRM solution is a scalable, customisable, modular based solution. The optimum ITAS CTRM solution for a CLIENT may depend on a number of variables including the user bank, complexity of trading activities, number of locations, currencies and entities.
Hivedome can offer varying pricing solutions which include:
  • Perpetual Licence Option and a
  • Subscription or Rental Licence option.


User Bands

  • Both Pricing options cater for varying number of users which are grouped into four user bands, starting with lowest bank of 1-25 users, increasing in increments of 25 users up to the highest 76-100 user band.
  • Pricing for large clients that have in excess of 100 users is on a individual basis.


Software Customisations and Interfaces

  • Both Pricing Options allow software customisations and interfaces to other front and back end systems and ERPs
  • ITAS is also offered in a vanilla “out of the box” version, where no customisation or interfaces to other 3rd Party or Group system is envisaged.


Perpetual Licence Option

  • The principal ITAS Core Module is the Financial and Financial and Operations Module, which is required to operate the Physicals Module and the Futures and Options Module.
  •  Clients have the option then to purchase the other Core Modules which are Finance and Banking Module and the Specialist Inventory Module.
  • Prices for all of the four ITAS Core modules vary depending on the user band selected which are grouped in increments of 25 from 1-25, 26-50, 51-75, and 76-100.
  • Extended Features Modules in ITAS 8 are sold as a combined suite of functions which reflects the increased functionality and connectivity now available between workflows, processes and user interfaces, as well as new methods for data entry and retrieval.
  • Maintenance: A software and support maintenance cost of 18% is charged annually on all five ITAS Core modules and the three ITAS 8 Extended Features modules;


Subscription or Rental Licence Option

  • The Rental pricing option for both the Core and Extended Features Modules is charged at a flat rate per user per month and generally requires a minimum of 4 users.
  • The Rental Price Option is also subject to an annual maintenance cost of 18% per module
  • Similar to Perpetual, the Rental Pricing option varies for each of the five Core Modules; the Subscription price for Extended Features is set as one composite price