Risk Management
Hivedome’s ITAS CTRM is the leading software provider of Integrated Management for the Supply Value Chain, delivering a scalable CTRM solution, from the single commodity platform to larger enterprises with multiple commodities, currencies, locations, entities and a requirement for integrations to a Group ERP platform.
ITAS CTRM can efficiently and effectively manage risk and exposure across the Supply Value Chain including Market, Counterparty, Credit and Country risk. Key features include:
  • Counterparty risk reporting using individual or family risk profiles and limits (clients, country and commodity), enabling compliance with operational and financial conveniences.
  • Comprehensive suite of Reports including CPRISK and what if scenario stress testing with executive and/or operational level views.
  • Timely identification of hedging, positional and foreign currency hedging requirements on an individual contract or portfolio basis.
  •  Ability to allocate features and foreign exchange trades to individual physical contracts.
  • Standard Automatic Alerts when pre-defined limits are exceeded are continually available.
  • ITAS also has alternative treatments to cater for ascertaining when Title has transferred (Invoice or Bill of landing date). When operating by invoice, there is a manual override (TRADE/Miscellaneous) to enable marking as Title transferred before Invoice; this feature is available for both Purchase and Sale. When operation is by BL date, the processes for entry of BL date on both Purchase and Sale will also maintain the override/control fields.
  • The position and P&L reports use the Transfer of Risk Formula for differentiating positions and P&L. Physical Positions move between Open, Inventory in Transit, Inventory and Realised