Smart Panel

The Smart panel can be pinned ‘on top’ (just like task manager) so it always appears on to of other windows, it currently features four tabs:



History provides a list of previously viewed ITAS records. Each item in the list forms a shortcut that enables the user to reopen the record without navigating to the relevant programme via Trading Entities menu on the Navigation Panel.


Enables users to manage the ITAS programmes that are currently open. The list can be used to navigate between programmes or to close those that are no longer required either individually or all at once.


Displays all received alerts. The idea behind this alert area (alerts can also be seen in the Notification Area and the Alerts History screen) is that users who are working with the ITAS in minimised mode, can see the details of the alert in the panel as they arrive by keeping the Smart Panel in view. Users can decide exactly how many ‘alerts’ they want to see in the Smart Panel


The Postings Tab enables users to view a list of contracts or documents they recently created that were processed during the latest automated overnight posting processes. Posted documents can also be opened for reviewing within this tab