Solutions Overview

Hivedome can offer modular solutions which are exactly tailored to your individual business needs, offering flexibility and scalability to suit your business requirements, which can depend on the number of users, single or multi commodity, currency and site, where there may be a requirement for a sophisticated front end interface solution

Over the past 30 years Hivedome’s ITAS has evolved into a comprehensive and “end to end” CTRM solution with commodity management capabilities.

Developed for Traders and Originators, ITAS provides a fully integrated solution to efficiently handle: trade capture, traffic operations, risk management and seamless accounting across the supply value chain.

Securing optimum time, cost efficiencies and the ability to manage a consolidated view of risk position across a global, multi-commodity trading business, which is something like the Holy Grail for many that rely on a patchwork of different systems.

ITAS can integrate with many of the major ERP systems including SAP, Oracle, AX, MS Navision, to provide seamless business processes.

Hivedome have provided one-way and two-way interfaces between ITAS and ERP systems for a number of years for some of our major clients. Each interface is tailored to an individual clients needs by working closely with the clients ERP development team. The interface can be tailored both in content and delivery.

ITAS is licensed per user seat* on a subscription basis irrespective of the number of commodities traded. ITAS is marketed as a single solution package as we believe the basic principles of trading are consistent, incorporating a simple categorisation system where modules can be implemented singularly or in any combination. This not only ensures our clients pay for the functionality they require, but can also reduce the complexity of the implementation and education programme

*minimum terms apply