Sugar clear

Managing price volatility and risk in the Sugar market is essential for farmers, traders, processors and food and beverage companies that manage sugar in all its forms.

ITAS can provide your business with a functionally rich, robust, mature, customisable solution which has managed the Sugar supply value chain for more than 30 years, Developed and built ‘by Traders for Traders’, it has some of the most advanced features of any CTRM available, some of the key and essential features ITAS can manage are:


  • Quality Price Adjustments for Polarisation (scale and degree), Ancillary qualities (DEXTRAN, Moisture, Color)
  • Pricing Mechanisms including DEO (double executed orders) , also known as ‘White Premium’
  • Price Fixing Flexibility to handle ‘change of mind’ by producers etc which is essential for trade administration/invoicing
  • Laycan Calculations, are an integral component of Charter/Trade administrations whereby DEM/DES estimates are produced
  • Samples and Laboratory Analysis Administration, is a key component for price calculations
  • Option cargo handling
  • Paper hedging, using exchange and OTC instruments enabling tonnage and P&L to be tracked, this would include Futures, Options and FX
  • Bulk/Charters and Container traffic logistics and handled

To find out more about how ITAS can manage your supply value chain, securing optimum time and cost efficiencies, register your interest here..