Hivedome Support

Standard ITAS Product Maintenance Includes:

Community Development:

Since the evolution of ITAS began, development of the system has not only benefited specific clients from their requests but has opened up different functionality, processes and features to all of the ITAS user community.
This unique approach has formed ITAS into the comprehensive and end to end solution it is today, it truly is developed and built ‘by Traders for Traders’

Service pack issuance:

With quarterly ITAS service packs, everyone will receive and benefit from the community development additions and increased efficiency.

Web Portal Access:

Users can create tickets for any issues that arise and send them direct to the Hivedome Helpdesk using the ITAS Web Portal where a dedicated team are ready to act.

Data & Bug Fixes:

Hivedome’s Helpdesk will treat any data & bug fixes with the highest priority to help your business processes run smoothly.

Extensive Help Menu:

Detailed documentation highlighting how the developments and any aspect of ITAS can be utilized is available from the easily accessible Help Menu

Enhanced ITAS Product Maintenance Includes:

Functional Support:

Resolution of non-data corruption/non software bug Problems/Incidents.
Resolution of Tasks and questions which result in any follow up remedial work for.
Business support (pre and post implementation):
– Using standard features and functionality of the supported programs
– Define and maintain custom menus and functions within supported programs
– General queries of “How to do something”, “What has happened”, “What happens if”
Business Systems Administration (Set up and management of supported programs):
– Initializing new users/ removing existing users
– Updating user responsibilities and privileges
– Defining and updating user profile options
– New codes, Accounts, companies etc, passwords, permissions, data lines, templates

Day End Monitoring:

Day end process monitoring in production and UAT environments

Service Pack Installs:

Applying Service packs in productions and UAT environments

ITAS Environment Checks:

Benchmark test (speed tests) aiding Infrastructure optimization

Operating System Integration:

Resolving issues that can arise from the interaction of Operating systems and ITAS