Trader Desktop
The ITAS Trader Desktop is a user-friendly and customisable interface that provides speedy access to all areas of the ITAS system, with its sleek next generation look and feel it is perfectly adaptable to mobile and tablet technologies.
The Trader Desktop has three easy to use key sections:

Trader Desktop Homepage

The Trader Desktop Homepage is itself divided into three tiled sections which can be customised by the user.
Menu Item Tiles
Menu Item Tiles can be created by the user to provide shortcuts to menu options they use most frequently
User Personal Tiles
User Personal Tiles can be created by the user to provide shortcuts to other areas within ITAS or to create links to external information such as frequently visited websites or documents stored on their computer
ITAS Information Tiles
ITAS Information Tiles provides links to content that Hivedome can feed direct to the Trader Desktop

The Top Menu Bar

The Top Menu Bar contains shortcuts to the ITAS administration and settings functions.
User preferences can be accessed where some minor functions can be tailored to the users requirements, as well as a settings menu for ITAS configuration menu options (these options can be capped depending on the user and their privileges)
The top menu bar also incorporates a Help Button, which gives the user access to a comprehensive guide to all functions and settings within ITAS, and a feedback button which can be used to report issues, ask questions or submit suggestions direct to the helpdesk at Hivedome.
With the usual window control buttons and information on what type of database the user is logged into, the Top Menu Bar provides easy access to all important user functions

The Navigation Panel

The Navigation Panel contains shortcuts to everyday ITAS functions, examples include:
Trader Desktop Homepage Button – For a one click navigation back to the Homepage
Fly Out Menu – For a one click navigation to Trading Entities and Menu Items
Trading Entities – For easy navigation of operating units
Personal Documents – Create, maintain and manage personalised Rich Text, MS Word and MS Excel documents.
Sent Email – emails containing reports, and other attachments can be sent direct from many ITAS Menu Options and a record of the email can be viewed in Sent Emails.
Smart Panel – provides a free-floating ITAS control tool, learn more..
Alerts – Alerts can provide users with useful notifications about changes that have been made to specified data within ITAS or information about data that requires their attention, learn more..
Reports – Reports launches the enterprise report function which enables users to run reports via a third party reporting solution, learn more..
ITAS API’s – ITAS API’s enable users to interact with ITAS remotely via their mobile phone or tablet as well as enabling third party systems to communicate directly with ITAS without the need for human intervention, learn more..